Cover Photo: A gold, shiny PEN America Literary Awards symbol against a blue and green background. Next to that, a photo of author Shannon Sanders, smiling in a very heartwarming way.
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A Conversation With Best Debut Short Stories 2020 Author Shannon Sanders

“Every interaction between adult siblings presents a chance to get more clarity about the past. Hopefully, we’re able to seize at least some of these chances.”

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Puerto del Sol

Theo had come all the way from New York with no luggage. From the parking lot Miles watched him spring from the train and weave past the other travelers, sidestepping their children and suitcases with practiced finesse, first of anyone to make it across the steaming platform. His hair was shaved close on the sides, one thick strip left to grow skyward from the crown of his head. In his dark, lean clothing, hands shoved deep in his pockets, he was a long streak of black against the brightly colored crowd. He alone had reached their father’s full height.

He made no eye contact with Miles as he strode to the car and yanked at the door handle, as he folded himself in half and dropped heavily into the passenger seat, releasing a long breath.

“Fucking hot,” he said, pulling the door shut.

Miles threw the car into drive and steered out of the parking lot, out of the knot of station traffic. “Summertime,” he said by way of assent.

Puerto del Sol

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