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Steven Duong is an American writer from San Diego. A 2021 Poetry Coalition Fellow at Kundiman, his writing is featured or forthcoming in Guernica, AGNI, The Massachusetts Review, and other venues. He will be starting his MFA in Fiction at the Iowa Writers' Workshop in the Fall of 2021.


Cover Photo: This image is a screenshot from Phoebe Bridgers' music video for "Kyoto." In this still, Phoebe is flying over a city at sunset wearing a shirt with a skeleton on it.
Tell More Lies

Poems and stories are only two sorts of lies, but they’re the ones Steven Duong tells most often. Try out his writing exercise to generate new work.

Jan 03, 2022
Cover Photo: a man standing on an abstract beach depicted in shades of black, purple, and fiery red, with ashes swirling around and a red phoenix flying overhead
Ashes at Kande Beach, Malawi

Everything is an elegy these days, all chipped rings, / clipped wings.

Jun 29, 2021
Cover Photo: Original illustration by Sirin Thada featuring many schools of fish, an underwater doorway, and a person standing in it with a suitcase.
Origin Story

I became an invader myself / a pathogen with survival traits

May 24, 2021
Cover Photo: An illustration of a woman peering into a fish tank that holds a large silver arowana
The Five-Year Plan

The family in my novel is like this arowana. Born to hurt things. They are hunters, even when there is nothing left to hunt.

May 14, 2021