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I'm a former environmental scientist who writes about the environment, climate change, women in science, and mental health. I have bylines at Longreads, Undark, The Rumpus, LitHub, Hakai Magazine, and more. I am working on a book detailing my fieldwork adventures to remote locations in Canada. You can reach me on Titter at @SnowHydro.


Cover Photo: Photograph by Dave Lewis, courtesy of the author
Exploring a Rocky Mountain Glacier in the Space Between Science and Storytelling

Kate Harris writes in Lands of Lost Borders, ā€œExplorers might be extinct, in the historic sense of the vocation, but exploring still exists, will always exist: in the basic longing to learn what in the universe we are doing here.ā€ This is exactly how I felt working at Hilda Glacier.

May 30, 2019