Sadia Hassan

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Sadia Hassan is the author of Enumeration (Akashic Books, 2020), part of the New-Generation African Poets: A Chapbook Set. Winner of the 2020 Hurston/Wright College Writers Award, Hassan currently writes and teaches in Oxford, MS, where she is pursuing her MFA at the University of Mississippi. More of her work can be found in The American Academy of Poetry, Boston Review, Longreads, and elsewhere. 


Cover Photo: two sisters with dark brown hair, brown skin, and large hoop earrings sitting at a dining table, talking and laughing in front of a window with abstract trees in the distance; one is holding a wine glass. painted illustration is in "spice tones" of brown, saffron, crimson, and burnt orange
Self-Portrait with Cumin, Saffron, and Star Anise

To Cumin, Saffron, and Star Anise, sisters / of the roasted goat and rice ritual, daughters / of smoke and gossip, glowing and bloodwarm

Feb 17, 2021