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Ruth Madievsky's debut novel, All-Night Pharmacy, is forthcoming from Catapult in 2023. She is also the author of a poetry collection, Emergency Brake (Tavern Books, 2016). Her writing has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Harper's Bazaar, Guernica, Kenyon Review,  and elsewhere. She is a founding member of the Cheburashka Collective, a community of women and nonbinary writers whose identity has been shaped by immigration from the Soviet Union to the U.S. Originally from Moldova, she lives in L.A., where she works as an HIV and primary care pharmacist.  @ruthmadievsky.


Cover Photo: A n old photograph in sepia tones of a baby sitting on a checkered couch with her young parents, who are dressed in nineties-style clothing. In the top left corner of the photo is a black and white stamp that says "Translation Week Sep. 2022" in the style of a passport stamp.
Translating the Immigrant Experience Into Fiction

These stories are my inheritance, which is not the same as sole ownership.

Sep 26, 2022
Cover Photo: A photograph of Michelle Hart, standing in front of a body of water and looking at the camera. To her left is the cover of her novel, "We Do What We Do In the Dark."
Michelle Hart Is Queering the Campus Novel

In this interview, Michelle Hart discusses her debut novel, ‘We Do What We Do in the Dark’; the art of the flashback; and how ceding your power can be very hot.

Jun 21, 2022
Cover Photo: A photograph taken from above of several people sitting on a couch and pointing toward a laptop screen on the table in front of them. All of their hands are pointing toward the laptop screen.
Unlearning the Shame Culture of the Former Soviet Union

The avoidance of shame is a community obsession, one I haven’t been able to escape even in my thirties.

Mar 22, 2022
Cover Photo: An illustration of two people, an older man and a younger woman, on either ends of a phone call.  The phones are royal blue and the cord between them is curled into various shapes that represent objects contained in Russian idioms: a chair, a fish, an ice cream cone.
Bridging My Family’s Language Barrier, One Filthy Russian Idiom at a Time

My family may not get much of my writing, but our mutual appreciation for ill-advised sexual mayhem transcends language.

Jan 31, 2022
Cover Photo: A photograph of the author as a small child, wearing a dress and with her hair styled in pigtails. She is smiling and pointing at a map of the U.S. that is affixed to a wall.
Lessons On Diasporic Identity from Meme Culture

There was something mutually exclusive about being either an eldest immigrant daughter or a normal, well-adjusted adult.

Sep 27, 2021