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Rae Nudson is a writer specializing in nonfiction essays and reported features on beauty, fashion, and pop culture. Her work has appeared in Esquire, The Cut, Hazlitt, Topic, Medium, Paste Magazine, The Week, The Billfold, and Real Life, among others. She has bachelor’s degrees in journalism and history, with a specialization in American history, from the University of Missouri. She lives in Chicago. Connect with her at www.raenudson.com or on Twitter @rclnudson.


Cover Photo: The photograph shows the author's white cat cuddled next to the author's laptop, both of which sit atop of white lambskin rug. A baby crib can be seen at the left edge of the photo and a baby head pillow on the right.
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I’m afraid I have always been like this: always doing slightly more than I can handle, stealing moments to get it all done.

Oct 05, 2021