Rachel Ranie Taube

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Rachel Ranie Taube is a writer living in Massachusetts, where she received a 2022 Literature Grant from the Somerville Arts Council. Her work has appeared in Hayden’s Ferry Review, The Millions, and more. Find her online at rachelranietaube.com and on Twitter @racheltaube.   


Cover Photo: At the center of this image is a person sitting in an armchair with a laptop sitting on their lap. They are sitting at the center of a large clock (the time reads 1:50). A sort of overlay over the clock makes it look almost as if it's hanging in the galaxy amongst stars.
What Do You Do After the MFA?

Whatever your MFA experience, it takes time to create or recreate the life that you can keep writing in. In this essay, Rachel Taube speaks to her cohort members regarding their first year post-MFA.