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Below are testimonials about our online writing classes.

We built our online writing platform from the ground up, with the in-person experience in mind. How could we  make it just as personal and thoughtful as an in-person class?  We were fortunate to have seasoned students and instructors involved to help us find the right balance of software and process.

We've also been lucky to have some of the best instructors around, and we've attracted talented writers from around the world to take classes. Participating in an online writing workshop at Catapult can be, at least in the words of a former student "a significant life experience".

If you're thinking about taking an online class with us but are on the fence, below are some testimonials, or check out our FAQ.

"I haven't taken a workshop with a more diverse group of well-developed, talented writers… It was everything I could have hoped to expect and more."

"I learned a tremendous amount"

"This class far exceeded my expectations in every way."

"I made new friends. I wrote what might be the start to a novel. I learned some valuable wisdom, and became part of a community that I hadn't known existed prior to enrollment."

"I think Catapult works really well for working adults who want to be involved with writing."

"It's hard to find opportunities like this outside of MFA schools or exclusive writing classes and I'm happy Catapult exists."

"Best online course I've ever taken"

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