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Noah Cho teaches middle-school English in the San Francisco Bay Area. His writing has appeared on NPR's CodeSwitch, Shondaland, The Atlantic, and The Toast. He spends most of his free time going on hikes with and taking photos of his doggo, Porkchop. 


Cover Photo: illustration of hands peeling a Korean pear
Don’t Break the Peel

Halmoni didn’t tell me she loved me. Her love could be seen in the work of her hands.

Mar 31, 2021
Cover Photo: collage of photographs of different types of Korean BBQ, cooked and uncooked; in the center, a photo of the author standing over his grill
Kalbi, Maybe

Sure, the food is delicious, but it’s that sense of community that makes Korean barbeque what it is.

Jul 13, 2020
Cover Photo: Photographs by su-lin, Kirk K, TFurban, jamiefrater/Flickr
Korean Comfort Foods of Our Pandemic Dreams

Columnist Noah Cho on pandemic food cravings, home cooking adventures, and much-missed restaurants.

Jun 09, 2020
Cover Photo: photograph of a bowl of kimchijigae, courtesy of the author
Gettin’ Jigae With It

You can turn almost nothing but kimchi and liquid into something vibrant and nourishing to eat—something that everyone seems to want right now.

May 05, 2020
Cover Photo: A view of Noah lying in water in a reed-filled savannah landscape. On the right, reflected in the water, the loose and warped image of his father’s face.
My Father Lives in Me: On the Lion King, Grief, and Resemblance

“My father, was alive, in me—in my reflection, in my voice, in my posture.”

Dec 04, 2019
Cover Photo: Hands chopping scallions surrounded by various Korean  ingredients such as garlic, soy sauce, rice, among other Korean sample ingredients.
Banchan, the Only Food I Like to Share

“You can tell a lot about a Korean restaurant based on the banchan it offers.”

Nov 06, 2019
Cover Photo: Illustration by Shing Yin Khor for Catapult
My Harabeoji Taught Me It’s Always Better to Add More Garlic

Harabeoji’s favorite thing to eat, and the thing to which he attributed his long life, was raw garlic.

Sep 03, 2019
Cover Photo: Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult
Soleil Ho, San Francisco Chronicle’s Restaurant Critic, on Food, Fusion, and What’s Often Lost in Translation

“Dealing with someone else’s culture, someone else’s media, and trying to Americanize it is something I can’t understand.”

Jul 11, 2019
Cover Photo: Illustration by Shing Yin Khor for Catapult
Burning Your Mouth to Spite Your Heart

I need something that is going to tingle, tell me the food is alive. Because I want to be alive, too.

Jun 03, 2019
Cover Photo: Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult
Japanese Breakfast, a.k.a. Michelle Zauner, Talks with Noah Cho About Food, Family, and Grief

“I found myself dwelling on these parts of Korean culture as a way to reconnect with my identity and also the memory of my mom.”

May 30, 2019