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Nicole Zhu is a writer and developer based in New York. She works on Chorus, Vox Media's publishing platform, and co-hosts Sweet and Sour, a podcast about the intersections of Asian American identity with culture, work, and lifestyle. Find her on Twitter @nicolelzhu.


Cover Photo: A photo of a dark staircase bathed in the pink neon light of a sign shaped like an unsettling smiley face.
There Is No Human Resources Department at the Candy Cooperative

The bubbly letters were both a direction and a justification for the lines of people who shelled out $37.50 for a forty-five-minute “experience” at “the sweetest place on earth.”

May 15, 2020
Cover Photo: Photograph by Pablo Heimplatz/Unsplash
The Weight of Words: Self-Acceptance Doesn’t Have to Be a Solo Journey

I don’t want my self-worth to hinge on a relationship. But vulnerability is a practice, and for me, it has been a valuable one.

Mar 14, 2019