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Nicole Calande is from the Bay Area originally, but considers much of the West Coast to be home. She is a recent graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course and was a former intern at Catapult, Counterpoint, Soft Skull, and Tin House Books. Before getting into publishing, Nicole worked as a tour guide at the Winchester Mystery House.

When she isn't writing short stories or producing her queer horror podcast "Monsters Out of the Closet," she works as a brand writer and occasional bookseller in Portland, OR.

You can follow her (@NicoleCalande) and her podcast (@Pod_Monsters) on Twitter.


Cover Photo: "The Girl in the Moon" from Brown & Bigelow/Wikimedia Commons
Sister Moon

“Maria felt that everything had slowed down and she could finally breathe again. Until the night the moon disappeared.”

Aug 03, 2018