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Natalie Degraffinried is a writer, music-lover, gamer, and Black movie quote code-switcher. She'd love long walks on the beach if she didn't hate sand. Natalie is currently based in Brooklyn. See where her mental exhaust goes at @NatIsExtra on Twitter.


Cover Photo: A Conversation with Damon Young by Natalie Degraffinried
A Conversation with Damon Young

“I’d write ten pieces a week because I liked having lights in my apartment.”

Cover Photo: Meet Erin Kottke by Natalie Degraffinried
Meet Erin Kottke

Twenty questions for our new director of publicity.

Cover Photo: A Dewgong, which is far less horrifying than a dugong
Cover Photo: Photo by CA Kaufman
Cover Photo: Worshippers at Holy Angel Catholic Church on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, by John H. White, 1973
From Atheism to the Cosmic

“Finding solace through trusting God became frustrating.”

Cover Photo: Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Twenty Questions with Literati’s Mairead Small Staid by Natalie Degraffinried