Nadine Bachan

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Nadine Bachan was born in Trinidad and raised in the suburbs of Toronto. 

Her personal essays about culture, family, and identity have appeared in publications across Canada and has been anthologized in the Best Canadian Essays series and the Canadian edition of The Broadview Anthology of Expository Prose. Her first true-crime essay will be released in an anthology in early 2022. 

Nadine lives with her partner near Jericho Beach, and is currently at work on a collection of personal essays and a fiction project. 

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Cover Photo: A five-panel split-screen of various characters from World of Warcraft. In the bottom of the image is the game series logo, World of Warcraft, in gold block letters.
Two-Player Mode: Me, My Brother, and Our Gaming History

We spent hours, whole evenings, whole weekends, absorbed in ‘World of Warcraft.’

Nov 01, 2021