Miles A.M. Collins-Sibley

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Miles A.M. Collins-Sibley (he/him, they/them) is Black, queer, trans, and sick. He writes poetry to talk to ghosts and to fall in love. Miles received his MFA in Poetry from UMass-Amherst’s program for Poets & Writers and currently studies Black labor history at UMass-Amherst's W.E.B. DuBois Department of African American Studies. You can find his weird queer poems in "We Want it All: An Anthology of Trans Radical Poetics" from Nightboat Books, Black Warrior Review, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal, among others. You can follow Miles on Twitter and Instagram @miles_n__miles.


Cover Photo: An image of someone standing on the sink looking at their reflection of their body in the mirror.
Mirror Stage

We remember how hard it has always been to see our body.