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Michael Elias is a writer of prose, poetry, essays, plays, and anything in-between. You can find them published in Homologylit, Gold Flake Paint, Jewish News Detroit, The Niche, Harana Poetry, Pass The Mic, and elsewhere. They are currently studying comparative literature, history, and arts at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Cover Photo: Photo of a person's eye and eyebrow, obscured by brilliant flashes of light.
Visible Invisibility: The Ghostly Nature of Queer-Reading

I cannot explain queerness any longer in ways that don’t involve ghosts.

Mar 15, 2021
Cover Photo: Cate Blanchett as Lou in Ocean's 8, next to Harry Styles in a dress and blazer.
My Body Only Feels Right When It Isn’t My Own

I want to inhabit a form that doesn’t define me; I want to inhabit a form in a way that lets me define it.

Jan 07, 2021