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Meher Manda is a poet, short story writer, culture critic, and educator from Mumbai, India, currently based in New York City. She holds an MFA in Fiction, and is the author of the chapbook, Busted Models, published by No, Dear Magazine in Fall 2019.  Her work has been published and is forthcoming in Hobart Pulp, Epiphany Magazine, Los Angeles Review, Glass Poetry, and elsewhere. 


Cover Photo: A black and white photo of a young girl about ten yers old at a beach, t-shirt and shorts wet from the waves, about to walk into the water.
The Year It Poured

Houses were flooded, roofs were carried away in the wind...And a month before that, the condoms in my father’s wardrobe mysteriously disappeared.

Jun 12, 2020
Cover Photo: From 'BoJack Horseman'/Netflix
What Diane Nguyen Taught Me About Finding Healing Through Failure

When I moved to America, I thought I could fashion a new life out of the escape, but a BoJack Horseman character taught me to be patient with setbacks

May 28, 2020