Mark Nobles

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Mark A. Nobles is a sixth generation Texan and was born on Fort Worth’s infamous Jacksboro Highway and proudly claims blood and kinship with Thunder Road’s gamblers, outlaws, and wastrels. His work has appeared in Sleeping Panther Review, Crimson Streets, Cleaver Magazine, Curating Alexandria, and other publications. He has produced and/or directed three feature documentaries and several short, experimental films. Mark lives in Fort Worth but hopes to die in the desert. He loves his two dogs, two daughters, and Texas, but not necessarily in that order. He can be found and followed on Facebook @ Flyin Shoes Films.


Cover Photo: The Man in Dick Van Dyke's Hat by Mark Nobles
The Man in Dick Van Dyke's Hat

Alan was a broken soul wandering through life without purpose until his Uncle Paul told him a strange, fantastical story about the man in Dick Van Dyke’s hat. The man was a deranged, demonic carnival barker traveling the world in search of broken and damaged souls to entrap in their own private nightmares. Alan was a perfect target. Could he escape the man’s cotton candy nightmare and possibly save others?

Nov 11, 2018