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Madeleine Watts is a writer of fiction, stories, and essays. Her writing has been published in The Believer, The White Review, Literary Hub, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Paris Review Daily, and Guernica, amongst others. Her debut novel, The Inland Sea, was published by Catapult in 2021. Madeleine grew up in Sydney, and sometimes Melbourne, but she has been based in New York since 2013. 


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Cover Photo: In this photograph, we see a mural painted on a dirty white wall. The mural was spray painted in blues, reds, and whites, and portrays a man who is baring his teeth and putting his hands up to his face, as if in pain.
The Pain Scale Exercise

Try this writing exercise from Madeleine Watts: Sometimes the restrictions and limitations imposed by a given structure can help you more than complete creative freedom does.

May 07, 2021