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Lyz Mancini is a writer living in Catskill, NY. She is a beauty copywriter for brands like Clinique, and has written for Slate, HerSTRY, XOJane, Roi Faineant Press, Bustle, and Huffington Post. She is a Pitch Wars 2020 and Tin House Winter Workshop 2022 alum and is represented by Victoria Marini of Irene Goodman Literary Agency.


Cover Photo: A photograph of Paris Hilton, a blonde woman in a bejeweled dress, standing on a pink carpet. A large crowd of photographers crowd in front of her taking her photograph.
What Celebrity Blogging Did to My Writing Voice

On some days I’d write up to twelve posts, each snarkier than the last. The meaner I was, the more they liked me.

Aug 29, 2022