Lindz McLeod

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Lindz McLeod is a queer, working-class, Scottish writer who dabbles in the surreal. Her prose has been published by/is forthcoming in Hobart, Flash Fiction Online, the New Guard, Pseudopod, and many more. She is a member of the SFWA, reads for Outlook Springs, and is represented by Headwater Literary Management.


Cover Photo: An illustration of two women holding hands walking along a 3D crossword puzzle as if crossing a bridge

2-Down: ______ Stewart, queer actress you feel like you should be attracted to but aren’t.

May 13, 2022
Cover Photo: A black and white photograph of the Elmo the Muppet from Sesame Street; he is staring into the camera, a disbelieving expression on his furry features, presumably due to the antics of his friend Zoe and her pet rock Rocco
Elmo’s Struggle

I raised my eyes heavenwards, seeking strength in the blue expanse. Let Zoe have her foolish notions. I would not let Rocco trouble me today.

Jan 10, 2022