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Lauren Parker is a writer and visual artist in Oakland, California. She’s a graduate of Hiram College’s Creative Writing program and has written for The Toast, The Racket, Xtra Magazine, Oh Reader, and Autostraddle. She’s the winner of the Summer of Love essay contest in the Daily Californian, the Vachel Lindsay poetry prize, and is the author of the forthcoming collection We Are Now the Thing in the Woods with Dancing Girl Press.


Cover Photo: A photograph of a person lying on their back, wearing a hospital gown and a face helmet as they prepare to be rolled into an MRI machine. Two lasers cross their face in a perpendicular pattern.
Learning to Live in a Body That Fights Itself

I have spent most of my life hating the fact of having a body. It makes sense that my body would eventually start to hate me back.

Apr 05, 2022