Larissa Pham

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Larissa Pham is a writer and artist based in Brooklyn. Her art and writing have appeared in Guernica, The Nation, Adult Magazine, Nerve, New York Magazine, Maxim, Dazed, The Rumpus, The Hairpin, Gawker, VICE, and elsewhere. 

She is the author of Fantasian, a New Lovers novella from Badlands Unlimited and Pop Song, published in May by Catapult.


Cover Photo: This image has crumpled paper in the background and the cover of the book in the corner, which reads "Letter to a Young Poet"
Remember, You Are in Conversation

When I’m feeling stuck and lonely, I try to remember that I’m in conversation with the world—that I am alive in it and it is alive through me.

Jul 06, 2021
Cover Photo: painting and photo by Lucas Blanco/flickr
The Palette Knife; or, How I Rewrote My Book

It wasn’t a matter of finding my voice, but listening to it. It had been there all along.

Oct 19, 2016