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Kristina Kasparian is a writer, travel photographer, consultant, and health activist. Her writing on identity, wellness, neurodiversity, and social justice has appeared in Catapult, The Globe & Mail, Italy Magazine, An Injustice!, Antithesis Journal, and elsewhere. She is based in Montreal, in Canada’s French-speaking province of Québec, where she was raised by Armenian parents who immigrated from Egypt. She holds a PhD in neurolinguistics from McGill University. She hangs out more on Instagram ( than on Twitter (@kristina_kaspa).


Cover Photo: In this photograph, we see a stained glass door looking out into a sunlight garden. The viewer is standing far back in a dark hallway, the only light coming from the illuminated door in the distance.
Dear Academia, I Quit

Wait, everyone always implied. Wait till tenure, wait till menopause, then you will be free. I didn’t want to wait to be happy.