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Kirsten Major was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She was educated at Emma Willard School in Troy, NY Carleton College in Northfield, MN, and Cornell University, where she received an MFA from the writing program.  Recent work has appeared in Crannog, No Tokens Journal, and LitBreak, among others.  Find her on twitter @kirstenamajor


Cover Photo: The Sundays by Kirsten Major
The Sundays

Reading Writing and Arithmetic

May 06, 2018
Cover Photo: Generation X:  Looking for a place to put ourselves back in order
Gen X: I Did What I Loved, the Money Did Not Follow

Living the signature message just makes life weird. And desperate.

Jul 29, 2017
Cover Photo: So beautiful.  But you are going to die anyway.
Lolita and the OPEC Basket

I’ve seen that look in this part of town: men, mostly older, walking down the street with supermodel on their arm and a scattered and unhappy expression on their faces. Why?

Sep 24, 2016
Cover Photo: An end-of-summer story
I am the Walrus

Rich and poor meet at harvest time on another planet

Sep 01, 2016
Cover Photo: Stories for Single People
Cover Photo: A trilogy about a student loan dystopia--you're next.
Have student loans? This is what America looks like 30 years in the future

[Trilogy excerpt] Student Loans from Outer Space, Part II: Lost in Debt

Aug 16, 2016
Cover Photo: For a writer who loves coincidence
1990 and Paul Auster

A strange but true story of going too far and Paul Auster

Jul 31, 2016