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Katy Sewall is a writer and an award-winning Public Radio senior producer and host. She's also the creator and co-host of The Bittersweet Life podcast, an international weekly show that's been broadcasting for 6+ years. She’s written for journalistic outfits like the BBC and for national radio shows like A Prairie Home Companion. Her BBC feature “The girl who gets gifts from birds” was read over 1,000,000 times in the first twenty-four hours. She's currently working on a memoir that blends her personal life with the filmography of Tom Cruise. 


Cover Photo: A photograph of a woman reclining on a sofa, and a drawing of the poet John Keats reclining on a bed, as if to mirror the woman
Writ in Water: Remembering John Keats and My Friend Susan

And then there is the date that we don’t yet know. The last date—a meaningless number on a calendar until it isn’t.

Feb 23, 2021