Julia Soto Lebentritt

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In 1977, I was a woman writer and a renegade poet trying to survive in the nonprofit arts scene in Connecticut. Then suddenly, I found myself crawling in the grass of alpine Vermont, about to relive my life on earth as if it was a sound lost in a seashell. I found my voice finally, and chance to transform my confusion and express wisdom for the benefit of all while recording lullaby singers in New York City. My memoir in progress, READ THIS ONCE, SO MY BABY WILL SLEEP UNTIL MORNING LIGHT, is especially dedicated to those women and men who are not recognizing their power and want to be seen and heard as calming lights transforming our troubled world.

Julia Soto Lebentritt MFA works as a bereavement facilitator for The Community Hospice in upstate New York. She is the author of several poetry chapbooks; The Kooken (Henry Holt 1992); multimedia works including New York City Lullabies CD; Singing the City to Sleep narrated by Odetta; Lullaby, The Universal Tradition NPR series; and an activities book for dementia caregivers, As long as You Sing, I’ll Dance (2012).