Jonny Teklit

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Jonny Teklit is a winner of the 2019 Academy of American Poets College Poetry Prize as well as the recipient of the 2019 Aliki Perroti and Seth Young Most Promising Young Poet Award. His work can be found in Lancaster Online, Mixed Mag, Dishsoap Quarterly, Alien Magazine, The Susquehanna Review, and The New Yorker.


Cover Photo: An  image of a man walking  surrounded  by birds, books, flowers and other joys
Let Me Show You

oh, how my little joys have saved me

Oct 13, 2021
Cover Photo: A lively, lush spring/summer park scene depicting people walking dogs, playing with their children, tossing a frisbee, feeding pigeons, sitting on benches and on the grass
On Some Saturday, After All of This

there is little room for sourness, / little room for anything other than a vibrating joy

May 11, 2021