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Jo Hylton is a writer currently living in New Jersey. She is the co-host of IMDbitch Fest, a podcast about movies and popular culture. She has an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.


Cover Photo: an image of the actors Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo from the film '13 Going on 30': they're dancing!
‘13 Going on 30’ Didn’t Prepare Me to Be Thirty, Flirty, and Striving

Weren’t your thirties supposed to be the time when “real adulthood” begins? What if, instead of thriving, you’re striving?

Nov 08, 2022
Cover Photo: Screencap via Columbia Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures/Waverly Films
The Fantasy of the Nancy Meyers Kitchen

At the height of the pandemic, all I wanted was control and counter space and an empty freezer. I wanted a kitchen from a Nancy Meyers movie.

Jul 11, 2022