Isabelle Fang

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Isabelle was raised in Taipei and Toronto, but is now based mostly in New York. She’s an undergrad at The New School and a recent VONA alum. 


Cover Photo: A still from the Sailor Moon R opening. Usagi stands close to the viewer in her school uniform, while another Usagi in the distance looks uncertain. They are split between a land of strange buildings the color of sunset and a wall of yellow polka dots on a blue background.
Moon Prism Power! Re-examining the Power of the Magical Asian Schoolgirl

When your youth is marked so clearly, by a crisp sailor collar and the deep pleats of your skirt, everyone feels like they deserve a piece of it, of you.

Sep 02, 2020
Cover Photo: A photo of Bruce Lee standing in front of a shrine with his arms crossed, a happy, approving, and serene smile is on his face. The subtitle says: "Just thinkin' about revolutionizing martial arts stuff."
What Bruce Lee’s Films Taught Me About Writing My Mother’s Voice

I know by worrying about a room of mostly white readers I undermine myself, but it’s become instinct. And, honestly, I just get tired.

Aug 12, 2020