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Hannah Matthews is a librarian, abortion doula, and writer based in Portland, Maine. Her work has appeared in ELLE, Esquire, McSweeney's, SELF, The Lily,  BUST, Entropy, and other publications. She tweets at @hannahmsays and cries in public places.


Cover Photo: An image of a woman holding a baby in a hallway
What Could It Mean for My Child to Inherit My Anxiety?

And does asking these questions make me a good mother?

Jul 19, 2021
Cover Photo: An image of Hannah Matthews with her hand on her belly in front of a cutting board with pears and rosemary
A Pregnancy, a Pandemic, and a Pear Tart

When I first discovered I was pregnant, we were deep into a very strange spring.

Dec 01, 2020
Cover Photo: A photo of a bin full of colorful, empty apple juice cartons.
Treating My Diabetes Meant Facing My Eating Disorder All Over Again

I posed the question to her, earnestly, seriously: If given the choice, would she rather gain weight or would she rather die?

Mar 12, 2020