Giovanni Garcia

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  I am a dilettante of shifting and various proclivities, 25, living in the Californian desert.  Each dream bleeds into the next, a process that subdues my poetry to a constant psychoautobiographical metaphor. The only constants have been free  verse, a gently squawking violin, and hyperbolically hued imagery.

  I live for validation, aspirations of fame, Warholianism, and, recently, my self. Oh,  and faulted  honesty. As such,  I would love to correspond with [you], for we've found each other, haven't we?


Cover Photo: Modus Recicable by Giovanni Garcia
Modus Recicable

"waste management" (r)evolutionized

Jan 11, 2018
Cover Photo: On Being This Side of Nowhere by Giovanni Garcia
On Being This Side of Nowhere

in which I find myself contemplating the stars in a ditch

Jan 10, 2018