Gabrielle Drolet

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Gabrielle Drolet is a freelance writer and cartoonist based in Toronto. 


Cover Photo: An aerial photograph of a wooden cutting board. On the left side is a grey dish towel and on the board are chopped yellow peppers, green onions, and a knife.
Unlearning the Ableism of Cookbooks and Kitchen Wisdom

When I developed nerve problems in my hands, so much of what we do in the kitchen was suddenly inaccessible to me.

May 19, 2022
Cover Photo: An animated illustration of a person typing on a laptop, seen from outside their window.  Outside the window, against a blue background, large gold coins drop from the sky and accumulate in a small stack.
Why Full-Time Freelancing Isn’t For Me

In the face of dire job prospects, freelancing felt like it might be a solution; a way to be a writer on my own terms.

Oct 12, 2021