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Eva Recinos is a Los Angeles-based editor and writer. Her profiles, features and reviews have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, GOOD, The Guardian, KCET Artbound, Art21, Bitch, Jezebel and more. Her essays have appeared in Electric Literature, PANK, Blood Orange Review, Catapult, Refinery29 and more. She was a 2019 Idyllwild Writer's Week Nonfiction Fellow and a 2021 Pen America Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist. Eva runs a free monthly newsletter for creatives called Notes from Eva.

Photograph by Elaine Torres


Cover Photo: This photograph is of "The Crenshaw Wall," which is a piece of street artwork described in the author's memoir excerpt.
Excerpt from ‘Underneath the Palm Trees’

This memoir excerpt was written by Eva Recinos in Megan Stielstra’s 12-Month Memoir Generator

Jul 14, 2021
Cover Photo: In this black and white photograph, we see two pale-skinned arms reaching up from the bottom of the photo, as if stretching or reaching toward the sky.
Self-Doubt and Giving Yourself Space

In the final installment of this three-part column, Eva Recinos explores how taking time away from writing is an important part of the process

Jun 03, 2021
Cover Photo: This image has a dark background, almost the texture of a chalkboard. At the bottom, in the center, there is a silver pen and a white pencil. Coming out of the silver pen, we see angry red scribbles. Overlapping with the red, there are white loopy scribbles coming out of the white pencil
Self-Doubt and Self-Editing

In the second installment of this three-part column, Eva Recinos addresses how self-doubt can lead to self-editing, which can hold us back from writing altogether

May 10, 2021
Cover Photo: This photograph is a close up of a piece of white notebook paper. In handwriting, we see the phrase: "Am I good enough?" Enough is underlined for emphasis.
Self-Doubt and the Submission Process

In the first installment of this three-part column, Eva Recinos explores how we can get out of our own heads and into a space where we can submit work

Apr 06, 2021
Cover Photo: photo via Ben Chun/flickr
My Mother’s Hope: On Being a First-Generation Latina in College

“We can make a positive impact and pursue our dreams in this country—even when we feel unwelcome in it.”

Oct 17, 2017
Cover Photo: photo by allnightavenue/flickr
The Watch of the Worry Dolls

“I found the worry dolls again, bittersweet reminders of a simpler time.”

Mar 21, 2017