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Erin Crosby-Eckstine is a writer and teacher in Brooklyn. Her bylines have appeared in HelloGiggles and The Cut


Cover Photo: A photograph of a classroom in which a group of high school–aged students sit at desks in various poses of writing and thought.
What Does Writing Mean to the Next Generation?

Seven high-school students reflect on the power of words in our cultural and political moment.

Cover Photo: A still from season one of Abbott Elementary depicting three teachers, played by Quinta Brunson, Lisa Ann Walter, and Sheryl Lee Ralph standing in front of a brick wall and looking perturbed.
Teachers Like the ‘Abbott Elementary’ Staff Need Our Support

The problem isn’t the students. It’s the unforgiving reality of the American education system.

Cover Photo: A silhouetted photo of a long-haired person raising their arm to write mathematical equations on a glowing whiteboard.
Why Don’t American Schools Value Creativity?

High school almost crushed my dream of being a writer. Now, as an educator, I’m trying to be the teacher I never had.

Cover Photo: A photograph of an empty classroom, shot from the back of the room and facing the whiteboard. A KN95 mask hangs on the side of the chair in the foreground .
Going Back to School As a Grieving Teacher

After a year of virtual classrooms, what have we learned?