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Eliza Harris is an editorial assistant for Catapult, Social Media Manager + Assistant Poetry Editor for DIAGRAM, and Director of Communications for The Speakeasy Project. She grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and is now based in Seattle, Washington. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @elizaeharris.


Cover Photo: On the left is the cover of Ada Limón's book. The cover is a light grey abstract painting. The book cover is set against a bright background of yellow flowers. On the right is a photograph of Limón at a wood table wearing a black shirt with yellow flowers.
For Ada Limón, We’re All the Hurting Kind

In this interview, Eliza Harris speaks with Ada Limón about her new poetry collection, the failure of language, and finding the will to begin again.

May 16, 2022
Cover Photo: Against a white background,  intricate wave shapes are cut out of brown paper and arrange in a circle. On top of the waves are hands holding  small orange and pink boats. Peaking out from underneath the waves are black and white orcas.
The Poetry of Comics: A Conversation with Collage Artist Mita Mahato

“Comics made the confusion and desperation feel contained. By ‘contained’ I don’t mean controlled—more the feeling of ‘I can deal with this piece of my grief, explore it, turn it around, and add context to it.’”

Feb 08, 2022
Cover Photo: There is a ripped piece of notebook paper on a desk next to a black marker and scissors. On the paper is written, "25 Literary Magazines That Accept Work Combining Text and Image" in a mix of marker and magazine cut out letters. Some of the letters rock back and forth playfully.
25 Literary Magazines That Accept Work Combining Text and Image

If you make comics, graphic stories, visual poetry, collage, schematics, and anything in between, check out this list of journals that accept multimedia work!

Oct 07, 2021
Cover Photo: Black and white image of Kristen Radtke, who has light skin and long blonde hair, against the backdrop of out-of-focus trees. To the left is the cover of  ‘Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness,' which is the side of an apartment building with dark windows and a few windows lit up with people inside. Above the apartment building is a vintage looking sign of the title of the book.
Alone Together: An Interview with Kristen Radtke, Author of ‘Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness’

As we are released from our homes and can start to have dinner with our friends again, it doesn’t mean that the problem of American loneliness is gone or has even really changed.

Jul 28, 2021
Cover Photo: A collage by Johnny Damm made from a vintage comic book. The collage is of a white man in a purple suit floating in the air above a field of green. He appears to be jumping backwards, facing up toward the sky with lines coming from his body representing movement.
Cover Photo: There are two comic panels. The one on left is the back of cartoon version of Andrew Lorenzi's head looking up at crows flying overhead. It is drawn in surreal colors so the crows are blue and the sky is light pink. The second frame is from above, looking down at Lorenzi and his car in between the crows feathers. The ground below Andrew is lavender and his looks like his frowning. Written across the two frames is "AAAAAAAAAAA" in uneven letters to signify the crows' calls.
The Poetry of Comics: An Interview with Cartoonist Andrew Lorenzi

“Both poetry and comics excel at taking ineffable, hard-to-articulate times in life and making them into something solid.”

Jun 07, 2021
Cover Photo: On the left is the cover of Lilly Dancyger's memoir Negative Space. The cover is her father's drawing of a rabbit with small "X"s surrounding it. On the right is an image of Lilly. She has light skin, blonde curls, oval glasses, and is wearing a leopard print shirt.
How Writing Can Raise the Dead: An Interview with Lilly Dancyger, author of ‘Negative Space’

“Describing what it feels like for somebody to not be there is a very abstract process. Pretty much this whole book has been trying to figure out how to do that.”

May 12, 2021