Video Games

My Mental Health Is Like Playing a Metroidvania Game—I Take It One Step at a Time

When the try-fail cycle gets to be too much, I know I can save my progress and walk away. I know I can always try again.

Jul 18, 2022
Video Games Are for Everyone—And That Should Include Disabled People

Accessibility features open up a world of possibility for fun to be had, which is exactly what video games should do. For all of us.

Jul 07, 2022
‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Taught Me About Care and Connection During the Pandemic

My online relationships remain heartfelt and cherished ones, even as I’ve reconnected myself with whatever it is we call “real life.”

Jun 22, 2022
Two-Player Mode: Me, My Brother, and Our Gaming History

We spent hours, whole evenings, whole weekends, absorbed in ‘World of Warcraft.’

Nov 01, 2021
‘Persona 5 Royal’ and the Case for Suffering

Their choice is between what is unearned and what’s been hard-won. What would you choose?

Oct 06, 2021