The Monster in the Mirror A column by Jami Nakamura Lin which uses mythical and legendary monsters from East Asian traditions as a lens to interrogate our fears

You Gave the Enemy a Face—and That Face Was Mine

In America, we like to be heroes—to find our enemies and defeat them. So, in a pandemic where the enemy is not visceral, we create one that is.

May 14, 2020
The Faint Spirits: On Ghosts, Grief, and Motherhood

I do not have flesh; I only have ghosts. In this story, the dead are only what I say they are. Does this make them less real?

Feb 20, 2020
My Father and the Dragon King

Myths were—are—created to explain the unknown, like natural disasters, like death, like the unknowable bodies of water.

Jan 06, 2020