On the Road

Meeting MM: On Friendship and Disability in Japan

“Being disabled my entire life, I have yet to experience the kind of loss that MM must feel. To me, disability is the norm.”

Nov 21, 2017
How to Gossip about African Writing in Geneva

Meeting a fellow writer you admire in search of approval and permission.

Lost, and Then Found Once More: On Traveling Alone Without Sight

“The feeling of being out on my own is worth all the fear I must fight to get there.”

Sep 11, 2017
Why Do They Come to the Iowa State Fair?

“I’m still transfixed by the deep-fried stick of butter on a stick.”

Sep 01, 2017
The Art of Doing Nothing: An Ode to Ferry Boats

Ferries are a salve against a society that prioritizes productivity above all else.

Jul 13, 2017
Traveling While Black

“What a menace, to live in bodies that are so frequently assumed to be corrupt.”

Jun 30, 2017