In Translation


Nothing in my life had assured my blood relationships.

To the Roof

Everything looks better from far away. A camera that floats over a polluted sea still brings home serene footage.

Feb 11, 2022
So What’s Your Name, Sandra?

Her son’s name was Bison and, wouldn’t you know, she’d enjoyed calling him “Son” for short.

Bluebells: A Russian Short Story, Here for the First Time in English

“If you put them in a jar will they wilt overnight?” Junior Lieutenant Volodya asked.

Oct 27, 2017
Phone Call From Hell

“We want you to write something for our anthology, the Malignant One explained.”

Mar 03, 2017
The Baby Carriage

“He wrote a letter about the baby carriage problem to the president.”

The Reason I Carry Biscuits to Offer to Young Boys

“Was this maybe an extremely dodgy situation for me to be in?”

Oct 29, 2015
Father With Dog

“I ran into my father three years after his death. I was on my way to the library.”

A False Genealogy

“The reason I am lonely, the amoeba thought, is that I am totally alone. So it had sex with itself and made another amoeba.”

Sep 14, 2015