From Catapult Books

“As soon as you agree to soup.”: Excerpts from Erin McGraw’s ‘Joy’

“We need more soft bedding; everything now is hopelessly stained. We need better antiemetics. We need a miracle, and somebody to say so. It’s not going to be him.”

Apr 12, 2019

“Can a friend kidnap a friend?”

The Witness

“He sang to the reckless selves inside them.”

Apr 11, 2016
The Woman in the Garden

“She was a sidelong glimpse through sunglasses and a veil of latticework.”

Queen of the Tree-people

“The world was not so easily explained by a tutor’s reason.”

Mar 14, 2016
Some Unholy Hour

“‘You rotten scoundrel,’ I says. ‘Get you to your own chambers.’”

Oct 12, 2015
Cry for Help From Home

In his last hours he escaped the house and walked to the 7-Eleven and bought a lottery card.

Sep 10, 2015