Women in the Fracklands: On Water, Land, Bodies, and Standing Rock

“Who is responsible for and to this woman, her safety, her body, her memory?”

Jan 03, 2017
Integration Class: On Immigrating to Germany

“Welcome to Germany. Take a number. Have a seat.”

Dec 07, 2016
An American in Brexit Britain: Reflections After the Presidential Election

“Living outside of the United States isn’t an escape.”

Nov 21, 2016
My Indian Passport Is a Bitch

“How many Indian backpackers have you met?”

May 27, 2016
The Desert Half

“Do I really love the desert, or was that just a cute phase I went through?”

May 06, 2016
Cuba Crónica

“One trip is not enough to begin to understand life on the island.”

May 05, 2016
Eminent Domain

“None of the things we thought were ours actually belonged to us.”

Starry Sky

“The tumor cells, often stained a deep, twilight purple, recall a van Gogh nocturne.”

Mar 02, 2016
A Hunger for Men’s Eyes

“Their eyes peeled off my clothes.”

Oct 02, 2015
The News Up North

“I’ve left the city behind, that rabid, morbid, obsequious other obsession.”

Sep 24, 2015