Bruce Springsteen: The Ultimate Dad

“The dads are here for Bruce; the dads hold these truths about Bruce to be self-evident.”

Jan 18, 2017
15 Minutes with M. Jenea Sanchez: Weaving Community Through Art

“Yes, the border divides . . . but the culture of this place is of one, not two.”

Jan 18, 2017
Arab Past, American Present: My Family’s Invisible History

“The family legacy included silence as a way to belong.”

Jan 17, 2017
Pinecone Man

She thought she was probably hugging a murderer.

Jan 13, 2017
Tracing Time in Brooklyn: Windsor Terrace in the Seventies

“Someday we’d get jobs in Manhattan and have the freedom to do whatever we wanted.”

Jan 11, 2017
Santiago de Cuba: On Fidel Castro’s Farewell

“‘I am Fidel’—that was the official watchword for all Cubans mourning the Comandante.”

What If: On Black Lives and Mental Health

“What if Granny had grabbed a weapon to protect herself from the invisible people?”

Jan 05, 2017
Explaining My Multiracial Identity (So Others Don’t Do It For Me)

Every time someone guesses wrong, I am the one to apologize.

Jan 04, 2017
Thanatophobia: Everything to Fear but Fear Itself

“I went on the internet, searched ‘fear of death,’ and a name appeared.”

Dec 22, 2016
It’s Okay to Be a Lot: On Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

“This is what being obsessed is: It is making a huge production in your mind.”

Dec 19, 2016
Election: On Brain Trauma, Queerness, and Digging for Old Coke Bottles in Cleveland

“We were confident we’d wake up into a business-as-usual capitalist democracy.”

Dec 16, 2016
Horror Movies and the Single Mom

I taught my daughter that a woman can fight demons all on her own.

Dec 14, 2016
Enter the Mars Volta

“Omar and Cedric turned center stage into a two-man prog version of Soul Train.”

Dec 14, 2016
Let Me Do My Show: My Life with Billy Joel

“Billy Joel is the clown prince of my middle age.”

Dec 13, 2016
Strands: On Cancer, Hair, and Grieving a Stranger

“She touched my hair with fingers fluent in love.”

Dec 12, 2016
To Face a Family: My Brother’s Pain, My Uncles’ Vote, and the Things That Tear Us Apart

That my brother and I were not white like the rest of my family didn’t seem to matter much. And then it did.

Dec 09, 2016
New Kids: A Personal Account of School Bullying

“A child is a monster of survival before anything else.”

Dec 08, 2016
Privacy is for Everyone, Not Just the Rich

“We need to try and secure our personal information now.”

Nov 30, 2016
A Separate Dream: Faith, Family, and Knowing When to Let Go

When a hard line on intermarriage leads to exclusion.

Nov 29, 2016