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E.B. Bartels is from Massachusetts and writes nonfiction. She received her MFA from Columbia University, and her work has appeared in Electric Literature, The Rumpus, The Toast, The Butter, Full Stop, Ploughshares online, and the anthology The Places We’ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35, among others. She writes a monthly series called Non-Fiction by Non-Men for the site Fiction Advocate, in which she interviews women/genderqueer/non-binary people who write nonfiction, and she is the nonfiction editor of the literary magazine Pangyrus. For more information, visit ebbartels.com. 


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How Reading True Crime Stories Helps Us Face Our Own Fears

“Not thinking about these things doesn’t make them go away. So, instead, I choose to look. It is staring into a dim room and letting my eyes adjust to the dark.”

Aug 09, 2018