Cover Photo: This image shows a grid of green lines and black squares being projected onto a person who is standing with their back up against a wall.  We can't see any details on their face--it's as if they are wearing a face covering. The green and the black grid covers everything and has an air of intrigue
Photograph by Caspian Dahlstrom/Unsplash

Writing Social Media Into Fiction

Social media is often portrayed as the enemy of the writer—but like any good enemy, perhaps it’s best to keep it close. Don’t miss this craft essay by Isle McElroy for our Social Media Week series.

Social Media in (Predominantly) Realist Fiction

Fake Accounts

Social Media as the Gateway to Genre

Future Feeling A Touch of Jen

Future Feeling

Social Media as Narrator

We Are Watching Eliza Bright


We Are Watching Eliza Bright


Social Media as Literary Form

We Are Watching Eliza Bright Several People Are Typing

Several People Are Typing

Several People Are Typing actually

Isle McElroy is the author of The Atmospherians, a NY Times Editors' Choice. Other writing appears in The Guardian, the NY Times, NYT Mag, Vogue, The Atlantic, Tin House, and elsewhere. Their chapbook, Daddy Issues, was published in 2017.

Isle has received fellowships from The Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, The Tin House Summer Workshop, The Sewanee Writers Conference, The Inprint Foundation, The Elizabeth George Foundation, and The National Parks Service.