Cover Photo: This photograph is of a man sitting on a bench at the top of a grassy hill. He is reading a book contemplatively--he's leaning his chin on his hand and there is a slight frown on his forehead. The day is beautiful and sunny.
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Writing for Yourself Versus Writing for an Audience

Was I being selfish and foolish by spending seven years composing the book I wanted to read, without considering why someone other than me might care?


I’m Not Hungry But I Could Eat

The Body Scout

conversationToy Story


If You Leave Me




When I First Held You

Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant

When I First Held You

yesThe publisher does not necessarily know more than you do when it comes to selling your work in the marketplace!

Brian Gresko is a widely published writer and editor of the anthology When I First Held You: 22 Critically Acclaimed Writers Talk About the Triumphs, Challenges, and Transformative Experience of Fatherhood. He cohosts Pete’s Reading Series, the longest running literary series in Brooklyn, New York. You can find him online at