Cover Photo: A photo of a laptop, half-closed, with a hazy pink screen that casts a pink glow over the keyboard.
Photograph via Miramax Films/Scott Rudin Productions

Writing Advice Isn’t Made for Bodies In Pain

I don’t want to participate in pain’s colonization of myself. I don’t want to write.


sustainable sustained

You can do it; just put your mind to it. Just push through. You’re not doing enough. You’re doing a lot? Good, now time for more.



educationlearning be

Be a literary citizen. Participate. Connect with other writers.




Aditi Natasha Kini writes prose, screenplays, and other text objects. Aditi’s words have appeared in The New York Times, Literary Hub, The Rumpus, Denver Quarterly, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and other publications. Aditi is writing their first book, The Killing of a Tiger. "Oriental Cyborg," a chapter from this manuscript, recently won Essay Press's 2021 Chapbook Prize.