Cover Photo: This is a picture of Kathy Wang's kitchen table. The table is black wood and round; the chairs around the side are plush and gray. A window is propped open behind the table and yellowy light streams through against the cream walls. On the table, we see the author's laptop and the items she details in this essay.
Photograph courtesy of the author

Where Kathy Wang Writes

Even though I sometimes have a hard time waking up, my favorite part of the day is still early morning.

This photograph shows a colorful wire bowl filled with an assortment of different lip balms
Photograph courtesy of the author

yes, please ask to borrow my charger

This picture shows a stuff Oscar the Grouch and his trash can next to a small lego structure
Photograph courtesy of the author

Have you gone to the bathroom? Hey, who has gone to the bathroom? Does anyone need to go before we leave?

A picture of the author's mugs, one white with a large handle and a sun on the front and one a shiny black without a handle, whose bottom is more narrow than its top
Photograph courtesy of the author

Kathy grew up in Northern California and is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Business School. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two children.

Kathy’s debut novel Family Trust was a Costco Pennie’s Pick, Barnes & Noble Discover Pick, and the inaugural selection of the Buzzfeed Book Club. Her second novel Impostor Syndrome will be published by Custom House/HarperCollins in June 2021