Cover Photo: This photograph shows a close up of a globe, but instead of the earth, we see constellations. There is a drawing of the constellation underneath the star points (for example, you can see a bear underneath ursa major and a lion under leo).
Photograph by Nastya Dulhiier/Unsplash

What Matters Most Is Showing Up

If I can write a novel on no sleep, no time, no artist’s life, no fancy residency, and under massive amounts of pressure, someone else can too.

Sit down every day at the appointed time and aim for one thousand words, and no matter what, try and get there.

As I Lay Dying

If it works for me, it worksshow don’t telltreat the reader likeinstead of

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Mila Jaroniec is the author of two novels, including Plastic Vodka Bottle Sleepover (Split Lip Press). Her work has appeared in Playgirl, Playboy, Ninth Letter, Joyland, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, PANK, Hobart, X-R-A-Y, The Millions, NYLON and Teen Vogue, among others. Her popular Catapult workshop, 40,000 Words in 40 Days, was featured in New York Magazine.