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What Does Your Novel Want?

What I was trying to write was a book that lent itself to connectivity, a book that was true for me that others could access too. I did this by establishing a consistent “want” for my protagonist.

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I’m having trouble deciphering the main character’s desires. What does she ?well written but missing astrong narrative through lineunderstanding of the selfapproach


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The Art of the Novel


the book I wanted to read

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’s upcoming 12-month novel generator, which begins this December.

Mila Jaroniec is the author of two novels, including Plastic Vodka Bottle Sleepover (Split Lip Press). Her work has appeared in Playgirl, Playboy, Ninth Letter, Joyland, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, PANK, Hobart, X-R-A-Y, The Millions, NYLON and Teen Vogue, among others. Her popular Catapult workshop, 40,000 Words in 40 Days, was featured in New York Magazine.