Cover Photo: This is a headshot of the literary agent Soumeya Bendimarad Roberts next to the logo of the agency she works for, HG Literary
Photograph and logo courtesy of Soumeya Bendimerad Roberts

Soumeya Bendimerad Roberts on the Day-to-Day Job of a Literary Agent

“One of the things I enjoy about my job is that my days can really vary.”


Guy Bigel: What led you to agenting?

GB: What does a normal workday look like for you?

GB: What’s one thing you think people should know before they get into agenting?

GB: You mentioned that you also handle foreign rights. What does that process usually look like?

GB: Are there any common issues with international versions that sometimes need to be addressed, like covers that your clients don’t feel comfortable with or weird translation choices, etc.?

GB: Regarding querying, what’s the most common mistake or issue that you see in query letters?

GB: What’s the fastest it ever took you to offer representation to a writer, and what’s the fastest it ever took you to get a client a book deal?

GB: Do you feel MFA programs prepare writers well enough for publishing, and specifically for querying?